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The passion of a trade
Joyas de Papel - Inspiration

Avant-garde art, oriental culture, geometry and folding techniques could define our particular 'pantry of inspiration' which we punctually equip with the most varied references: travel, exhibitions, nature, a specific style or even something as abstract as a memory or feeling... Although it sounds like a 'cliché', Picasso's phrase - "may inspiration find you working" - synthesizes a creative process in which, beyond the formal development of the piece, we are encouraged by those little loves at first sight that unleash creativity and inspire new collections.

Joyas de Papel - Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver 925

Silver is one of the most commonly used materials in jewelry, however in its pure state it is malleable and weak. The alloy with other materials allows to preserve its natural beauty adding a perfect resistance to the use. The most common alloys are 925, 900 and 800 thousandths.

In our jewellery, we only use silver mountings and chains with the manufacturer's quality seal of 925 thousandths.

The 925 alloy is equivalent to 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Due to its high purity and optimum durability it is also known as 'sterling silver'.

Joyas de Papel - The papers
The papers

Do you remember the smell of new school books? That's what our workshop smells like. A maremagnum of textures and aromas of freshly cut paper that is diluted with the chromatism of dyes, watercolors and brushes.

In each collection we look for the perfect paper and finish to offer a unique and original product.

Joyas de Papel - Papers of the world
Papers of the world

From Japan to England via Italy, we travel the world in search of the most original papers for their elaboration, quality and design. We present you some of our favourites that you will surely recognise in many of the collections.


Imported directly from Japan, this paper of ancient tradition has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its handcrafted preparation is almost a ritual and the tradition has been passed down from father to son for generations.
The fine finish with gold inlays and effects so characteristic of Eastern culture make this paper the perfect print for making jewelry in the form of cranes, kimonos or butterflies.

Printed with advanced techniques and the highest quality finish, these papers reflect the decorative tradition of the Italian masters of the Renaissance. The exquisite colours and delicate filigree inspired us to produce series such as 'dragonflies' from the ‘Classic’ collection.

English sophistication translates into sober, characterful papers. We select a type of paper with high grammage and metallic finish. The iridescent effect of the light gives a characteristic shine to such fascinating pieces as the earrings, necklaces and brooches of the 'Áurea' collection.

Joyas de Papel - Papers from here
Papers from here...

No paper can resist us.

Our special treatment that adds optimum resistance and durability, allows us to use (almost) any paper in the elaboration of our pieces. 

We have them in every flavor!
The original paper of the Sugus candies with the old logo is one of our classic favourites, with them we created many of the fun pieces 'Origami Birds'.

Banknotes of 100 pesetas of the year 1970 with the effigy of D. Manuel de Falla and bills of 1 American dollar were the papers used in 'Valor Añadido' (discontinued collection).
A collection of the most fun and punk in which animals, everyday objects and even a Mr. Manuel with a turban became nice pins and necklaces. Each piece was made in origami, that is, with a single folded note, without cuts or additions.

We are constantly researching new printing techniques in the workshop. The tinted papers with which we achieve the exact shade for the series 'Roses', the linear decoration of the jewelry-dresses, or the watercolor effect of the necklace 'Leaves' are just some examples.

Our commitment
The treatment of the paper and the final finishing of the handcrafted elaboration, guarantee the solidity and maximum resistance of all our pieces in normal conditions of use.
Water resistant
Water resistant
All pieces have a special treatment that provides optimum durability and water resistance, protecting them from the effects of moisture, fluids and non-corrosive liquids.