Buy jewel paper and silver earrings with good luck owl.
Golden origami owl earrings
Golden origami owl earringsGold-colored owl-shaped origami earrings

Owl Earrings

25,49 €

Owls are tendry! These cute little animals, emblems of the mystery and the magical world, are the ideal accessory for those days when you want to add a little bit of mystery and naive style to your look. Look closely, because they do not lack detail: die-cut feathers of the chest, paws, a funny beak and those huge eyes that will follow you everywhere. Because In case you did not know, these animals have the peculiarity of turning their heads up to 270º, impressive right?

Our owl-shaped earrings are set in sterling silver, and although we assure you that they will not start spinning round, the smooth movement will accentuate the three-dimensional effect of the different layers of paper with which it is made. A tip, take note of the colors and finishes, you can choose between papers in matte or gloss finish, the latter get an iridescent effect almost as magical as these enigmatic nocturnal birds inspire us.

High: 2,5 cm Width: 3 cm

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