Sterling silver hook clasp earrings with birds in flight position, with paper bird settings made with blue layers.
Sterling silver hook clasp earrings with birds in flight position, with paper bird settings made with blue layers.Detail view with partial blurring of two silver earrings with birds carved in flight position and silhouette settings on blue paper with 3D effect.Close-up of a woman with an earring of carved bird silhouettes and die-cut paper pieces, modelled in layers with a volume effect.Artistic shot of a woman in profile wearing a carved hoop earring in the shape of a bird and set in layers of paper with a 3D effect.

Birds Earrings

32,00 €

It's always a good time to get some hoop earrings. In mini or XL dimensions and with different thicknesses, they never go out of fashion because they are flattering, they stylize any look both day and night, and they are very easy to combine. But if you're looking for a plus of originality and elegance that renews these iconic earrings without losing their essence, Bird earrings are definitely for you.

Carved from a single circular silver-plated piece, these earrings incorporate a meticulous composition of birds in flight with filigree and paper inlays; a delicious play of volumes achieved by superimposing layers - hand-modelled, treated to preserve their original shape and endowed with incredible resistance. The delicate assembly in hardened paper, the emptying of the central piece and the clasp closure in sterling silver, give lightness and comfort to a jewel with an author's design and a handcrafted execution.

There are plenty of reasons to add a pair of earrings to your jewellery set, and if they are as original, stylish and economical as these, the decision will only depend on the colour you choose from the six shades in which this paper-based Galician craft jewel is presented.

Approximate measurements: Height: 4 cm. Width: 4 cm. Sterling silver hooks

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