JOYAS DE PAPEL -PAPER JEWELRY-, a very special line of accessories on paper and sterling silver created with different techniques including the ancient art of origami. Using papers we have dyed in our workshop to exquisite Japanese traditional papers and Egyptian papyrus. 

Pieces that once completed and properly treated to make them extremely shock and water resistant, are mounted on sterling silver.
Unique handmade pieces, where oriental mystery meets with the most innovative designs.

A world of imagination, with colourful brush strokes and patches creating accessories that reflect the real world and all that’s fantastic about it.

We constantly seek to explore new techniques and ways of working paper, a material with amazing possibilities that allowing us to create completely different pieces and attractive collections, always searching for the best process to protect them and get their maximum durability.

From our workshop we present you all the pieces we lovingly create, working and combining the paper, illustration and all that helps us to shape our thoughts into something elegant and contemporary.